2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

In  Sports   Mode,  moving   the  shift
lever  backwards  and   forwards  will
allow you to select the desired range
of gears for the current driving condi-
If  the  driver presses  the  lever to  +
(Up) or - (Down) position, the trans-
mission may not make the requested
gear change if the next gear   is out-
side  of   the  allowable  engine   rpm
range.   The   driver   must   execute
upshifts  in   accordance  with   road
conditions,  taking  care  to  keep  the
engine rpms below the red zone.
(Up) : Push the lever  forward once
to shift up one gear.
(Down) : Pull  the  lever  backwards
once  to   shift  down   one
When accelerating from a stop on a
slippery  road,  push  the  shift  lever
forward  into  the  +   (Up)  position.
This allows the transmission to shift
into the 2nd gear which is better for
smooth driving on a slippery road.
Push the shift lever  to the - (Down)
side to shift back to the 1st gear.
i   Information
Sports mode
Only  the six  forward  gears can  be
selected.   To  reverse   or  park   the
vehicle, move the shift lever to the R
(Reverse)  or  P  (Park)   position  as
Whether the  vehicle is  stationary or
in motion, sports mode is selected by
pushing  the  shift  lever  from  the  D
(Drive) position into the manual gate.
To return  to  D (Drive)  range opera-
tion, push the shift lever back into the
main gate.
Downshifts are made automatically
when the vehicle slows down. When
the  vehicle  stops,  1st  gear is  auto-
matically selected.
When  the  engine  rpm  approaches
the  red  zone  the  transmission  will
upshift automatically.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.