2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Panic button
Mechanical key
Loss of a smart key
Press the  Panic button (4)  and hold     If  the  Smart  Key  does not  operate     A  maximum of  two Smart  Keys can
for more than  one second. The horn     normally, you  can lock or  unlock the     be  registered to  a  single  vehicle. If
sounds  and  hazard   warning  lights     door by using the mechanical key.
blink for about 30 seconds.To cancel
you happen  to lose  your smart  key,
you  should   immediately   take   the
vehicle  and remaining  keys  to your
authorized  HYUNDAI dealer  or  tow
the vehicle, if necessary.
the panic mode, press any button on
the Smart Key.
You  can   start   the  engine  without
inserting the key.
For more  information, refer to the
“Engine  Start/Stop   Button”  sec-
tion in chapter 5.
Press and hold the release button (1)
and remove  the mechanical key (2).
Insert  the  mechanical  key  into  the
key hole on the door.
To  reinstall the  mechanical key,  put
the key into the hole and push it until
a click sound is heard.
To prevent damaging the smart key:
Keep  the smart  key  away  from
water or  any liquid. If  the smart
key is  inoperative  due to  expo-
sure to water  or other liquids,  it
will not be covered by your man-
ufacturer’s vehicle warranty.
Avoid dropping  or throwing  the
smart key.
Protect   the    smart   key    from
extreme temperatures.
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