2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
How to deactivate the Smart
Trunk function using the smart
Detecting area
i   Information
If you press the door  unlock button
the  Smart  Trunk  function  will
be  deactivated  temporarily.  But,  if
you do not open any door for 30 sec-
onds, the smart trunk function will
be activated again.
If you press the trunk open button
for  more   than  1   second,   the
trunk opens.
If you press the door   lock button (1)
or  trunk  open  button  (3)  when  the
Smart  Trunk  function  is  not  in  the
Detect  and   Alert  stage,  the   smart     •  The Smart  Trunk  operates with  a
trunk function will not be deactivated.
welcome  alert if  the  smart  key is
detected    within    20~40   inches
1. Door lock
3. Trunk open
4. Panic
•  In  case   you  have  deactivated   the
Smart  Trunk  function  by  pressing
cm) from the trunk.
Door unlock
the smart key button and opened a       •  The alert stops at once if the smart
If you  press any button of  the smart
key  during   the   Detect   and   Alert
stage, the  Smart  Trunk function  will
be deactivated.
door, the smart trunk function can
be  activated  again  by  closing  and
locking all doors.
key   is   positioned    outside    the
detecting  area  during  the  Detect
and Alert stage.
Make  sure  to  be  aware  of  how to
deactivate the  Smart  Trunk function
for emergency situations.
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