2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Changing a tire with TPMS
Once the  original tire  equipped with
a tire  pressure monitoring  sensor is
reinflated to the recommended pres-
sure  and reinstalled  on the  vehicle,
the  Low  Tire Pressure  Telltale  and
TPMS  Malfunction  Indicator will  go
off within a few minutes of driving.
If  the  indicators  do   not  extinguish
after a  few  minutes, please  visit an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
If  you have  a flat  tire,  the Low  Tire
Pressure  and  Position  telltales  will
come on.  Have the flat  tire repaired
by  an  authorized  HYUNDAI  dealer
as  soon as  possible  or replace  the
flat tire with the spare tire.
The  TPMS  Malfunction   Indicator
may  illuminate  after  blinking  for
one  minute if  the  vehicle is  near
electric  power  supply   cables  or
radio transmitters  such  as police
stations,  government  and  public
offices,    broadcasting    stations,
transmitting towers, etc.
installations,    airports,
Each  wheel is  equipped  with a  tire
pressure sensor  mounted inside the
tire behind the valve stem (except for
the spare  tire). You must use  TPMS
specific  wheels. It  is  recommended
that you always have your tires serv-
iced   by  an   authorized   HYUNDAI
Additionally, theTPMS Malfunction
Indicator  may  illuminate  if  snow
chains   are   used   or   electronic
devices such as computers, charg-
ers,  remote   starters,  navigation,
etc.This may  interfere with normal
operation of the TPMS.
Never  use a  puncture-repairing
agent not approved by HYUNDAI
dealer to  repair and/or  inflate a
low  pressure  tire.  Tire  sealant
not approved by HYUNDAI deal-
er may damage the tire pressure
You may not be able to identify  a tire
The spare tire (if equipped) does not     with  low pressure  by simply  looking
come with a tire pressure monitoring     at  it. Always  use a  good quality  tire
sensor.When the low pressure tire or     pressure gauge  to measure. Please
the flat tire is replaced with the spare     note that a tire that is hot (from being
tire,  the  Low Tire  Pressure  Telltale     driven)  will  have  a higher  pressure
will   remain   on.   Also,  the   TPMS     measurement  than a tire that is cold.
Malfunction  Indicator  will  illuminate
after  blinking  for  one  minute if  the
vehicle is driven at speed above 15.5
mph (25  km/h) for approximately  20
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