2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Reclining seatback
Seat belts must be snug against your
hips  and   chest   to  work   properly.
When  the seatback  is  reclined, the
shoulder   belt   cannot    do  its   job
because  it will  not be  snug  against
your chest. Instead, it  will be in front
of you. During an accident, you could
be thrown into the  seat belt, causing
neck or other injuries.
The  more the  seatback  is reclined,
the greater  chance  the passenger’s
hips  will slide  under the  lap  belt or
the  passenger’s neck  will strike  the
shoulder belt.
Sitting  in  a  reclined  position  when
the vehicle  is in motion can  be dan-
gerous. Even  when buckled  up,  the
protections  of your  restraint  system
(seat  belts and  air  bags)  is greatly
reduced by reclining your seatback.
NEVER ride with a reclined seat-
back when the vehicle is moving.
Riding with  a  reclined seatback
increases your chance of serious
or fatal injuries  in the event of a
collision or sudden stop.
Seat cushion height
To  change  the   height  of  the  seat
Pull the front portion  of the control
switch up to raise or  push down to
lower  the  front  part   of  the  seat
cushion. Pull the rear portion of the
control switch  up to  raise or  push
down to lower the seat cushion.
Driver  and   passengers  should
ALWAYS  sit  well  back   in  their
seats, properly  belted, and  with
the seatbacks upright.
Release the  switch once the  seat
reaches the desired position.
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