2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Front Map Lamp:
Front Room Lamp:
Front Door Lamp
Press either of these  lens (1) to turn
the map lamp on or off.This light pro-
duces  a  spot  beam  for  convenient
use as  a map lamp  at night or  as a
personal lamp  for the driver and  the
front passenger.
• Type A
: Press  this  switch   to  turn   the
front and rear room lamps on.
The front  or rear  room lamps  come
on when  the front  or rear doors  are
opened  if  the engine  is  running  or
not. When doors are unlocked by the
smart  key, the  front and  rear lamps
come  on for  approximately  15 sec-
onds  as  long   as  any  door  is   not
Press  this   switch  to  turn   the
front and rear room lamps off.
opened.  The  front   and  rear  room     • Type  B
lamps go out gradually after approxi-
mately  15   seconds  if  the  door   is
closed. However, if engine Start/Stop
button  is in  the  ON  position,  or all
doors are  locked, the  front and rear
lamps will turn off immediately.
: Press  this  switch   to  turn   the
front  and  rear room  lamps  on
and off.
If a  door is  opened with the  ignition
switch  in  the  ACC  position  or   the
LOCK/OFF  position,  the   front  and
rear lamps stay on for  about 20 min-
utes. However,  if  a  door  is opened
with  engine  Start/Stop  button  is  in
the ON  position the  lamps stays  on
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