2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

ENDING VOICE RECOGNITION     Voice Recognition and Phone
Contact Tips:
The   Hyundai    Voice   Recognition
System  may  have  difficulty   under-
standing  some  accents  or  uncom-
mon names.
While Voice Recognition is operating
Press and hold the
key on the
steering remote controller
When  using   Voice  Recognition   to
place  a  call,  speak  in  a  moderate
tone,   with  clear   pronunciation   To
i   Information
While using voice command, press-
ing any steering wheel control or    a
different  key  will   end  voice  com-
Recognition,  consider  these  guide-
lines when storing contacts:
When  the  system  is  waiting  for  a
voice   command,  say   “cancel”   or
“end” to end voice command.
Do  not   store  single-name  entries
(e.g.,  “Bob”,  “Mom”,  etc.).  Instead,
always use full names (including first
and last names) for these contacts
When  the  system  is  waiting  for  a
voice command, press and hold the
key on the steering wheel to end
voice command.
Do   not  use   special   characters
(e.g., '@', '-', '*', '&', etc.)
Do  not use  abbreviations  (i.e., use
"Lieutenant"   instead  of   "Lt.")   or
acronyms (i.e., use "County Finance
Department" instead of "C. F. D."; Be
sure to say the name exactly as it  is
entered in the contacts list
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