2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Child restraint system types
Continue  to use  a  rear-facing  child
seat for  as long as  your child  will fit
within  the  height  and  weight  limits
allowed by the child seat manufactur-
er.  It’s  the best  way  to  keep  them
safe. Once  your child  has outgrown
the  rear-facing  child  restraint,  your
child  is  ready  for   a  forward-facing
child restraint with a harness.
There are  three main  types of  child
restraint  systems: rear-facing  seats,
forward-facing   seats,  and   booster
seats. They are  classified according
to the child’s age, height and weight.
Rear-facing child seats
NEVER install  a  child or  infant
restraint  in   the  front   passen-
ger’s seat.
A  rear-facing   child   seat   provides
restraint   with  the   seating  surface
against the back of the child.The har-
ness system holds the  child in place,
and in  an accident, acts  to keep  the
child   positioned   in  the   seat   and
reduce  the  stress  to  the  neck  and
spinal cord.
restraint  in  the  front  seat  can
result  in  SERIOUS  INJURY   or
DEATH  if  the child  restraint  is
struck by an inflating air bag.
All  children   under   age  one   must
always ride in a rear-facing infant child
Convertible and 3-in-1 child seats typ-
ically have  higher  height and  weight
limits   for  the   rear-facing  position,
allowing you  to keep your  child rear-
facing for a longer period of time.
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