2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
The  severe   weather  conditions   of    Snow  tires
winter  quickly   wear  out   tires  and
cause  other  problems. To  minimize
winter driving  problems,  you should
take the following suggestions:
If you mount snow tires on your vehi-
cle, make  sure to  use radial tires  of
the same size and load range as the
original tires. Mount snow tires on all
four wheels to balance your vehicle’s
handling  in  all  weather  conditions.
The traction  provided  by snow  tires
on dry  roads may not be  as high as
your   vehicle's   original   equipment
tires. Check  with  the  tire dealer  for
maximum speed recommendations.
Snow tires should be equivalent
in size and type  to the vehicle's
standard  tires.   Otherwise,  the
safety   and   handling   of  your
vehicle may be adversely affect-
Snow or icy conditions
You need to  keep sufficient distance
between your vehicle and the vehicle
in front of you.
Apply  the  brakes  gently. Speeding,
rapid   acceleration,   sudden   brake
applications,  and   sharp   turns  are
potentially very hazardous practices.
During   deceleration,    use   engine
braking to the  fullest extent. Sudden
brake  applications on  snowy  or  icy
roads may cause skids to occur.
Do  not  install  studded  tires  without
first checking local, state and munici-
pal  regulations   for  possible  restric-
tions against their use.
To drive your vehicle in deep snow, it
may be necessary  to use snow tires
or to install tire chains on your  tires.
Always carry emergency  equipment.
Some of  the items you  may want to
carry include  tire chains,  tow straps
or  chains,  a   flashlight,  emergency
flares, sand, a shovel, jumper cables,
a  window   scraper,  gloves,  ground
cloth, coveralls, a blanket, etc.
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