2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Air conditioning
OFF mode
Economy air conditioning
button (ECON)
Push the  A/C  button to  turn the  air     Push  the OFF  button of  the front  to
conditioning   system   on  (indicator      turn off the air climate control system.    If  you  push the  ECON button  while
light will illuminate).
However,  you  can  still  operate  the     the  air conditioning  system is  work-
mode and  air intake buttons  as long     ing,  the air  conditioning  system will
as the Engine  Start/Stop button is in     work  less and may improve  fuel effi-
Push the button again  to turn the air
conditioning system off.
the ON position.
If you want maximum air conditioning
turn the  ECON system  off by  push-
ing the ECON button.
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