2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Radial-ply tires
Longer  wearing  tires  can  be  more    Low  aspect ratio tires
susceptible to irregular tread  wear. It
Radial-ply   tires   provide   improved
tread life, road hazard resistance and
smoother high  speed ride. The radi-
al-ply tires used on this vehicle are of
belted construction, and are selected
to complement the ride and handling
Low  aspect  ratio   tires,  the  aspect
ratio is  lower  than 50,  are provided
for sporty looks.
Because  low  aspect  ratio  tires are
optimized for handling and braking, it
may be  more  uncomfortable to  ride
in and  there is more  noise compare
with normal tires.
is  very  important  to  follow  the  tire
rotation  interval   in  this  chapter  to
achieve  the   tread  life  potential   of
these  tires.  Cuts  and  punctures  in
radial-ply tires  are repairable only  in
the tread  area,  because of  sidewall
flexing.  Consult your  tire  dealer  for
radial-ply tire repairs.
Radial-ply tires  have the  same load
carrying capacity, as bias-ply  or bias
belted tires of the same size, and use
the   same  recommended    inflation
pressure.  Mixing  of  radial-ply   tires
with  bias-ply or  bias  belted  tires  is
not   recommended.  Any   combina-
tions of radial-ply and bias-ply or bias
belted tires when  used on the  same
vehicle   will   seriously    deteriorate
vehicle handling. The best rule to fol-
low  is:  Identical  pairs  of   radial-ply
tires should always be used  as a set
for  the front  tires  and a  set  for the
rear tires.
Do not  mix  bias ply  and radial
ply   tires   under   any   circum-
stances.This may cause unusu-
al handling  characteristics that
may cause  loss of vehicle  con-
trol resulting in an accident.
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