2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Closing the trunk
Emergency trunk safety release
Lower the  trunk lid  and press  down
until it locks.
To prevent damage to the trunk lift
cylinders  and  the attached  hard-
ware,   always    close   the   trunk
before driving.
Always keep  the  trunk lid  com-
pletely closed while the vehicle is
in motion. If it is left open or ajar,
poisonous  exhaust  gases  con-
taining  carbon   monoxide  (CO)
may  enter the  vehicle and  seri-
ous illness or death may result.
i   Information
In cold and wet climates, trunk lock
and  trunk   mechanisms  may  not
work properly due to freezing  con-
Your  vehicle   is  equipped   with  an
Emergency   Trunk  Safety   Release
lever located  inside  the trunk. When
someone  is  inadvertently  locked  in
the trunk, the trunk can be opened by
moving the lever in the direction of the
arrow and pushing the trunk open.
Make sure  there  are no  people
or   objects   around   the  trunk
before  opening  or  closing  the
PowerTrunk.Wait  until the trunk
is   open    fully    and    stopped
before   loading   or   unloading
cargo from the vehicle.
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