2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

When the vehicle is paint baked,
do not  bake over  30 minutes  in
158°F  (70°C)  or  20   minutes  in
176°F (80°C) degree.
Never assemble or disassemble
the high voltage battery system.
•  Never use  the  package mod-
ules   (high   voltage   battery,
inverter and converter) for any
other purpose.
•  Do  not  use  an  unauthorized
battery charger  to charge  the
high voltage battery. Doing so
may result in death or serious
If  you assemble  or disassem-
ble  the   high  voltage  battery
system,  the durability and per-
formance of the vehicle may be
When  you want  to check  the
high  voltage  battery  system,
have the vehicle  checked and
inspected   by  an   authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
Do not  touch the  high voltage
battery and  high voltage cable
connected  to   motor  (orange
color). Severe  burns and  elec-
tric shock may occur.  For your
safety, do  not touch  the cover
of  electronic components  and
electronic cable. Do not remove
the cover of  electronic compo-
nents  and electronic  cable.  In
particular, never touch the high
voltage  battery   system  when
the hybrid system in operation.
It may result in death or serious
•  Do not wash the engine compart-
ment,  using   water.  Water  may
cause  an  electric shock  to  and
damage the electronic.
•  Never locate the  high voltage
system near or in a fire.
This   hybrid  vehicle   uses   the
hybrid  battery   system  inverter
and  converter  to  generate  high
voltage.High voltage in the hybrid
battery system is very dangerous
and may cause severe burns and
electric shock. This may result in
serious injury or death.
Never  drill  into  or  strike  the
package module. Otherwise, it
may be  damaged. An  electric
shock may occur,  resulting in
serious injury or death.
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