2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

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i   Information
Coasting guide is only a supplemental
system to assist with fuel-efficient driv-
ing.  Thus,   the  operating   conditions
may  be  different  in  accordance  with
traffic/road conditions (i.e. driving in a
traffic jam, driving on a slope, driving
on a curve). Thus, take the actual driv-
ing conditions into consideration, such
as  distances  from  the  vehicles  ahead/
behind, while referring to the coasting
guide system as guidance.
User settings
Press the Engine Start/Stop button and put the shift lever in P(Park). In the
User Settings Mode,  select Driving Assistance,  and then Coasting Guide
to turn on the system. Cancel the selection of coasting guide to turn off the
system. For the explanation of the system, press and  hold OK button.
Operation conditions
To activate the system, take the following procedures. Enter your destination
information on the  navigation and select the  driving route. Select the  ECO
mode in the Integrated Driving Control System. Then, satisfy the following.
The driving speed should be between 37 mph (60 km/h) and 99 mph (160
The operating  condition (driving  speed) varies  in a  situation, as  there
may be a difference in displaying the driving speeds between the instru-
ment  cluster  and  the navigation,  and  as  there  may  be  a difference
between the actual  driving speed and the  driving speed display due  to
tire inflating ranges.
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