2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Brake discs, pads, calipers
and rotors
Steering gear box, linkage &
boots/lower arm ball joint
Check the  pads for  excessive wear,     With   the  vehicle  stopped  and   the
discs  for   run   out  and   wear,  and     hybrid  system  off, check  for  exces-
calipers for fluid leakage.
sive free-play  in the  steering wheel.
Check the linkage for bends or  dam-
age. Check  the dust  boots  and ball
joints   for  deterioration,   cracks,  or
Exhaust pipe and muffler
Visually  inspect  the  exhaust  pipes,
muffler and hangers for cracks, dete-
rioration,    or   damage.    Start   the
engine  and  listen  carefully  for  any
exhaust  gas  leakage.  Tighten  con-
nections or  replace parts  as neces-
Replace any damaged parts.
Drive shafts and boots
Check  the  drive  shafts,  boots  and
clamps  for  cracks,  deterioration, or
damage.   Replace    any   damaged
parts  and,  if necessary,  repack  the
Suspension mounting bolts
Check  the  suspension  connections
for looseness  or damage.  Retighten
to the specified torque.
Air conditioning refrigerant
Check the  air  conditioning lines  and
connections for leakage and damage.
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