2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Automatic Ventilation
(if equipped)
Sunroof Inside Air
Recirculation (if equipped)
When the engine is running and tem-    When  the heater  or air  conditioning
perature  is below  59°F  (15°C)  with     system   is   on    with   the   sunroof
the recirculated air  position selected     opened, the  outside (fresh) air  posi-
more than five minutes, the air intake     tion will be automatically selected. At
position will  automatically change to     this time, if you press the recirculated
the outside (fresh) air position.
air  position  button,  the recirculated
air  position will  be selected  but  will
change back to the outside (fresh) air
position after 3 minutes.
When the  sunroof is  closed, the  air
intake position will return  to the orig-
inal position that was selected.
To cancel or reset the Automatic
When the  air conditioning system  is
on, select Face Level
mode and
while pressing the A/C  button, press
the  recirculated  air  position  button
five times within three seconds.
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