2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Types of warning sound and indicator
To turn off the Rear Parking
Assist System
The indicator may differ from the
illustration as objects or sensors
status.  If   the  indicator   blinks,
have your vehicle checked by an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
If  the  audible  warning does  not
sound  or  if   the  buzzer  sounds
intermittently when shifting into R
(Reverse) position,  this may indi-
cate   a    malfunction   with    the
Parking  Assist   System.  If  this
occurs,have your vehicle checked
by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer
as soon as possible.
Types of warning sound
When an object is 47 in. to 24
in. (120 cm to 60 cm) from the
rear bumper : Buzzer beeps
When an object is 24 in. to 12
in. (60 cm to 30 cm) from the
rear bumper : Buzzer beeps
more frequently.
When an object is within 12
in. (30 cm) of the rear bumper
Push the  button to turn  off the Rear
Parking Assist System. The indicator
light on the button will turn  on.
Buzzer beeps continuously.
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