2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

On inclines
Lane changing
Your vehicle  speed  can be  reduced
due to a vehicle in the adjacent lane.
Apply   the  accelerator    pedal   and
select  the   appropriate   set  speed.
Check to  be sure that the  road con-
ditions  permit safe  operation  of the
Smart Cruise Control.
During  uphill  or  downhill   driving,     • A  vehicle  which  moves  into  your
the  Smart Cruise  Control  System
may not detect a moving vehicle in
your lane,  and cause  your vehicle
to  accelerate   to  the   set  speed.
Also, the vehicle  speed will rapidly
decrease when  the vehicle  ahead
is recognized suddenly.
Select  the  appropriate  set  speed
on inclines and  apply the brake  or
accelerator pedal if necessary.
lane from an  adjacent lane cannot
be recognized  by the radar  until it
is in the radar’s detection range.
The radar  may not detect immedi-
ately  when a  vehicle cuts  in  sud-
denly. Always  pay attention  to the
traffic, road and driving conditions.
If a slower vehicle moves  into your
lane, your speed  may decrease to
maintain the distance to the vehicle
If a  faster vehicle moves  into your
lane, your vehicle will accelerate to
the set speed.
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