2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Use your  interior  rearview mirror  or     Blind zone mirror
direct  observation to  determine  the
actual distance  of following  vehicles
when changing lanes.
Always check  the road condi-
tion  while   driving  for   unex-
pected situations even though
the vehicle is  equipped with a
blind zone mirror.
The  blind   zone   mirror  is   a
device made for convenience.
Do not  solely rely on  the mir-
ror but always pay attention to
traffic around you.
Do not adjust or fold the outside
rearview  mirrors  while driving.
This may  cause loss  of vehicle
control resulting in an accident.
Do not scrape  ice off the  mir-
ror face; this may damage the
surface of the glass.
Do not clean the mirror with harsh
abrasives, fuel or other petroleum
based cleaning products.
If  the  mirror  is  jammed  with
ice, do not adjust the mirror by
force. Use  an approved  spray
de-icer (not radiator antifreeze)
spray, or a sponge or soft cloth
with warm  water, or move  the
vehicle  to  a  warm  place and
allow the ice to melt.
The  Blind  Zone  Mirror  (BZM)  is  a
supplemental  mirror  that  helps  the
driver’s  blind  zone  by  showing  the
rear  side  area  of  the  vehicle.  The
blind zone mirror  is equipped on the
left-hand outside rearview mirror.
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