2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
When Active ECO is activated:
SPORT mode
SPORT  mode   manages
SPORT   the  driving  dynamics  by
The acceleration response may be
slightly reduced as  the accelerator
pedal is depressed moderately.
the   steering  wheel   and
hybrid system.
When the  SPORT mode is select-
ed by  pressing the  DRIVE MODE
button,  the SPORT  indicator  (yel-
low color) will illuminate.
Restarting of  the hybrid  system in
the   SPORT    mode   resets    the
DRIVE  mode  to  the  ECO  mode.
Thus,  when   necessary,   reselect
the SPORT mode.
The  air   conditioner  performance
may be limited.
The shift  pattern  of the  automatic
transaxle may change.
The engine noise may get louder.
The   above  situations   are   normal
conditions when the Active ECO sys-
tem is  activated to improve  fuel effi-
i   Information
In the SPORT mode, the fuel efficien-
cy may decrease.
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