2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Outside Temperature Gauge
- User Settings Mode in the Cluster :
You  can  change  the  temperature
unit   in    the   “Other   Features    -
Temperature unit” .
When the gauge indicator gets out
of  the  normal  range,  toward  the
“H” position, it indicates overheat-
ing of  the engine.  It may  damage
the engine.
Do  not continue  driving  with the
overheated   engine.   For   further
information, refer to “If the Engine
Overheats” in the chapter 6.
Type A
Type B
Automatic climate  control system  :
While  pressing   the   OFF  button,
press  the AUTO  button for  3  sec-
onds or more.
The  temperature  unit of  the  instru-
ment cluster and climate control sys-
tem will change at once.
This gauge indicates the current out-
side   air    temperatures    either    in
Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit.
- Temperature range : -40°F ~ 140°F
(-40°C ~ 60°C)
The outside  temperature on the dis-
play  may   not  immediately  change
like  a  general  thermometer   not  to
distract the driver.
Never  remove  the  radiator  cap
when  the   engine   is  hot.  The
engine coolant is under pressure
and may cause severe burn.Wait
until   the  engine   cools   down
before  adding   coolant   to  the
The temperature  unit (from °F  to °C
or ~ °F to °C) can be changed  by:
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