2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Recommended cold tire infla-
tion pressures
All   tire   pressures   (including    the
spare) should  be checked when  the
tires are cold. “Cold tires” means the
vehicle  has  not  been  driven  for  at
least three hours  or driven less than
one mile (1.6 km).
Warm tires  normally exceed  recom-
mended cold tire pressures by 4 to 6
psi (28 to 41 kPa). Do not release air
from  warm tires  to  adjust the  pres-
sure or  the tires will  be under-inflat-
ed. For recommended inflation  pres-
sure,  refer  to “Tire  and  Wheels”  in
chapter 8.
Recommended pressures  must
be maintained for  the best ride,
vehicle handling,  and minimum
tire wear.
Over-inflation or under-inflation
can  reduce  tire  life,  adversely
affect   vehicle    handling,   and
lead  to sudden  tire failure  that
could  result  in loss  of  vehicle
control resulting in an accident.
Severe under-inflation  can lead
to severe heat build-up, causing
blowouts, tread  separation and
other tire failures that can result
in  the  loss   of  vehicle  control
resulting  in   an  accident.  This
risk is much higher on hot days
and when  driving for long  peri-
ods at high speeds.
All specifications (sizes and pressures)
can be found on a label attached to the
driver’s side center pillar.
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