2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Smooth cornering
Driving at night
i   Information
Avoid  braking  or  gear  changing  in     Night driving  presents more hazards
corners,  especially when  roads  are     than driving in the  daylight. Here are
wet.  Ideally, corners  should  always     some  important tips to remember:
be taken under gentle acceleration.
The ESC system must be turned OFF
before rocking the vehicle.
Slow  down  and   keep  more  dis-
tance between you and other vehi-
cles, as  it may be  more difficult to
see  at  night,  especially  in  areas
where there may not  be any street
If  you are  still stuck  after  rocking
the  vehicle a  few  times, have  the
vehicle pulled out by  a tow vehicle
to avoid engine overheating, possi-
ble damage to the transaxle,and tire
damage. See "Towing" in chapter 6.
Adjust  your mirrors  to  reduce the
glare   from  other   driver's   head-
Keep  your  headlamps  clean  and
properly aimed. Dirty or improperly
aimed   headlamps   will   make   it
much more difficult to see at night.
Avoid staring  directly at  the head-
lamps  of  oncoming  vehicles. You
could be temporarily blinded, and it
will take  several  seconds for  your
eyes to readjust to the darkness.
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