2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Always wear your seat belt and
sit properly in your seat.
Do not use the seat  belt if it is
loose  or  twisted.  A  loose  or
twisted seat  belt  will not  pro-
tect  you  properly  in  an acci-
Do not place anything near the
buckle.  This   may   adversely
affect the  buckle and  cause it
to function improperly.
Always  replace  your  pre-ten-
sioners  after  activation or  an
Do not  touch the  pre-tensioner
seat belt assemblies for several
minutes  after  they   have  been
activated.   When   the   pre-ten-
sioner   seat   belt    mechanism
deploys  during a  collision,  the
pre-tensioners become  hot and
can burn you.
Seat Belt Anchor Pre-tensioner
The purpose of the Seat Belt  Anchor
Pre-tensioner is to help the lap belt fit
tightly  against  the   occupant’s  lower
body in  certain  frontal collisions. The
Seat  Belt  Anchor Pre-tensioner  may
be  activated   in  crashes  where   the
frontal collision is severe enough.
•  NEVER inspect, service, repair
or  replace  the   pre-tensioners
yourself. This must be done by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Do not hit the seat belt assem-
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