2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Parking Brake & Brake
Fluid Warning Light
If the brake fluid level in the  reser-
voir is low:
1. Drive carefully to  the nearest safe
location and stop your vehicle.
If the brakes  fail , while driving,  shift
to a lower  gear for additional engine
braking and stop the vehicle as soon
as it is safe to do so.
(red color)
This warning light illuminates:
When the Engine Start/Stop button     2. Stop   the    vehicle,   immediately
is in the ON position
check the brake fluid level and add
fluid, if necessary (For more infor-
mation, refer to "Brake  Fluid" in
the  chapter   7).  Then  check  all
brake  components for  fluid  leaks.
When any leak in the brake system
is still detected,  when the warning
light  remains   ON,  or   when  the
brakes do not properly operate, do
not drive the vehicle.
It illuminates  for approximately  3
seconds and then goes off.
It remains on if the  parking brake
is applied.
Driving the vehicle with  a warn-
ing light ON is dangerous. If the
Parking  Brake   &  Brake   Fluid
Warning  Light  illuminates with
the  parking  brake   released,  it
indicates  that   the  brake   fluid
level is low.
In  this  case,  have  the  vehicle
inspected    by   an   authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
When the parking brake is applied.
When  the brake  fluid  level  in the
reservoir is low.
If  the   warning  light   illuminates
with the parking brake released, it
indicates  the brake  fluid  level  in
reservoir is low.
In  this   case,   have  the   vehicle
towed to an  authorized HYUNDAI
dealer and inspected.
Dual-diagonal braking system
When the regenerative brake does
not operate.
When only one  of the dual system
is  working,  the stopping  distance
will be increased
Your  vehicle  is  equipped  with  dual-
diagonal braking systems.This means
you still  have braking  on two  wheels
even if one of the dual systems fails.
With  only one  of  the  dual  systems
working,   longer   pedal   travel  and
greater pedal pressure is required.
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