2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Check tire inflation pressure
If you  overfill the  tire, release  air by
pushing  on  the  metal  stem  in  the
center of the  tire valve. Recheck the
tire pressure  with the tire  gauge. Be
sure to  put  the valve  caps back  on
the  valve  stems. Without  the  valve
cap,  dirt or  moisture  could  get into
the valve core and cause air leakage.
If a valve cap is missing, install a new
one as soon as possible.
Check your tires, including the spare
tire, once a month or more.
excessive wear, poor handling
and   reduced  fuel   economy.
Wheel   deformation    is   also
possible. Keep your  tire pres-
sures at the proper  levels. If a
tire frequently  needs refilling,
have it checked  by an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
How to check
Use  a   good  quality   tire   pressure
gauge  to  check  tire   pressure. You
can not  tell if your  tires are properly
inflated  simply  by  looking  at them.
Radial tires may  look properly inflat-
ed when they are under-inflated.
Remove the  valve cap  from the  tire
valve stem. Press the tire gauge firm-
ly  onto the  valve  to get  a  pressure
measurement. If the cold tire inflation
pressure matches the recommended
pressure   on  the   tire  and   loading
information  label, no  further  adjust-
ment is necessary. If  the pressure is
low, add  air until  you reach the  rec-
ommended  pressure. Make  sure  to
put the valve caps back  on the valve
stems. Without the valve  cap, dirt  or
moisture  could   get  into   the  valve
core and cause air leakage. If a valve
cap is  missing, install a  new one as
soon as possible.
harsh ride,  excessive wear  at
the  center  of   the  tire  tread,
and  a   greater  possibility   of
damage from road hazards.
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