2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Closing the Sunroof
Automatic reverse
If  the sunroof  senses  any  obstacle
while it is closing automatically, it will
reverse  direction then  stop to  allow
the object to be cleared.
Make sure  heads, other  body
parts   or   other   objects   are
safely  out  of the  way  before
closing  the  sunroof  to avoid
injuries or vehicle damage.
Objects that  are small caught
between   the   sunroof   glass
and  the  front  glass   channel
may  not  be  detected  by  the
automatic  reverse  glass  and
the  glass  will   not  stop  and
reverse direction.
To   avoid  serious   injury   or
death,   do  not   extend   your
head,  arms  or  body  outside
the sunroof while driving.
•  A panoramic sunroof  is made
of glass, therefore it may break
in  an accident.  If  you  do not
have  your  seat   belt  on,  you
may contact  the broken  glass
and get injured or killed.
Press the  sunshade CLOSE button.
The sunroof glass will close then the
sunshade will close. To stop the sun-
roof  movement  at any  point,  press
the sunshade control switch momen-
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