2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

ESC operation
ESC ON condition
When  the Engine  Start/Stop  button
is in  the  ON position,  the ESC  and
When operating
When the  ESC is in  opera-
tion, the ESC  indicator light
• When  moving  out  of  the  mud  or
driving   on  a   slippery   road,   the
engine rpm (revolutions per minute)
may not increase even  if you press
the accelerator pedal deeply.This is
to maintain the stability and traction
of the vehicle and does not indicate
a problem.
the ESC  OFF indicator  lights illumi-      • When you apply your brakes under
nate for approximately three seconds
and goes off, then the ESC is turned
conditions   which   may   lock   the
wheels, you may hear sounds from
the brakes, or feel  a corresponding
sensation in the brake pedal.This is
normal  and it  means your  ESC  is
When   the    ESC   activates,    the
engine  may   not  respond   to   the
accelerator as it does under routine
If  the  Cruise  Control  was  in  use
when the ESC activates, the Cruise
Control  automatically  disengages.
The  Cruise  Control  can  be  reen-
gaged  when   the  road   conditions
allow.See“Cruise  Control System”
later in this chapter.
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