2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

i   Information
Clean  the  air  intake  for  the  hybrid
battery with a dry cloth on a regular
Do  not  put  any  objects  into
the  air   intake  of  the  hybrid
battery.  Doing so  may  cause
loss  of  air-intake   volume  to
the  hybrid  battery. When  the
air intake  is blocked with  any
objects,  immediately  contact
your HYUNDAI dealer.
Never  clean the  air  intake  of
the hybrid  battery  with a  wet
cloth.  If  any  water  enters  in
the  air   intake  of  the  hybrid
battery,   the   hybrid   battery
may cause  an electric  shock,
resulting in a serious damage,
an injury or a death.
The  hybrid   battery   is  com-
posed of  lithium-ion polymer.
If the hybrid battery is improp-
erly  handled, it  is  dangerous
to  the   environment.  Also   it
may  cause   electrical   shock
and severe burns, resulting in
a serious injury or a death.
•  Never place a container of liq-
uid on or near the air intake. If
the  liquid   spills,  the   hybrid
battery  located   in  the  trunk
may be damaged.
•  Secure all  loads  in the  trunk
to  prevent  them   from  being
tossed  about  before  driving.
When  a sharp  or  heavy  load
strike with a  strong impact or
pierce the  interior  trunk wall,
the hybrid battery system may
be damaged,  deteriorating its
Do not spill liquid  over the air
intake  of  the  hybrid  battery.
Doing so is very dangerous. It
may  cause  electric  shock or
serious injury.
Do  not  cover   the  air  intake
with objects.
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