2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
This section describes how to use the
seat belts  properly. It also  describes
some  of the  things  not to  do  when
using seat belts.
NEVER  allow children  to ride
in the  front passenger seat.  If
a child age 13 or older must be
seated in the  front seat, move
the seat  as far back as  possi-
ble and properly restrain them
in the seat.
•  Do not  use  a seat  belt  if the
webbing or  hardware is  dam-
Do not latch the  seat belt into
the buckles of other seats.
Seat Belt Safety Precautions
Always  fasten   your  seat   belt  and
make sure  all passengers  have fas-
tened their  seat belts before starting
any  trip.  Air  bags  are  designed  to
supplement the seat belt  as an addi-
tional safety device, but they are not a
substitute.  Most   states  require   all
occupants of  a vehicle  to wear  seat
NEVER unfasten the  seat belt
while driving. This may  cause
loss of  vehicle control result-
ing in an accident.
•  NEVER allow an infant or child
to be carried on an occupant’s
Make sure  there is nothing  in
the buckle interfering with the
seat   belt  latch   mechanism.
This may prevent the seat belt
from fastening securely.
No modifications or  additions
should  be made  by  the  user
which  will  either prevent  the
seat   belt  adjusting   devices
from   operating    to   remove
slack, or prevent the  seat belt
assembly from being adjusted
to remove slack.
NEVER ride with  the seatback
reclined  when  the  vehicle  is
Do not allow children to share
a seat or seat belt.
Do not wear  the shoulder belt
under your arm or behind your
Seat belts must be used by ALL
passengers whenever  the  vehi-
cle is moving.Take the following
precautions when adjusting and
wearing seat belts:
Always  wear both  the  shoul-
der portion and  lap portion of
the lap/shoulder belt.
Do not use the seat belt if it is
twisted.  A   twisted  seat  belt
will  not  protect you  properly
in an accident.
children  under  age 13  in  the
rear seats.
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