2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Engine Start/Stop  button must be  in     With Navigation system
the ACC or ON position.
H (Hour, 1)
Do  not  adjust  the  clock  while
driving,   you   may   lose    your
steering  control  and  cause an
accident  that results  in  severe
personal injury or death.
Each time  you press the "H"  button,
the  clock  will  change  backward by
one  hour. Pressing  and holding  the
"H"   button  will   change   the  clock
backward continuously.
Release the button at the desired time.
With Audio system
M (Minute, 2)
Each time you press the "M" button ,
the  clock  will  change  backward by      You can  set  the clock  by using  the
one minute. Pressing and holding the    Navigation system.
"M"  button   will   change  the   clock
backward continuously.
Release the button at the desired time.
Display conversion
To change the  12 hour format to the
hour  format,  press the  "H"  and
"M"  button simultaneously  for  more
than 4 seconds.
For example,  if the "H" and  "M" but-
ton is pressed when the time is 10:15
p.m., the display will change to 22:15
Whenever  the  battery  terminals  or
related fuses  are disconnected,  you
must reset the time.
To set the time:
Product Specification
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