2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Compact spare tire replacement     Wheel  replacement
A compact  spare  tire has  a shorter
tread  life  than   a  regular  size  tire.
Replace  it  when  you  can  see  the
tread wear indicator bars  on the tire.
The replacement compact  spare tire
should be the same  size and design
tire  as  the  one  provided  with  your
new vehicle and  should be mounted
on  the   same   compact  spare   tire
wheel. The compact spare tire is  not
designed to be mounted on a regular
size  wheel, and  the compact  spare
tire wheel is not designed for  mount-
ing a regular size tire.
When replacing the metal wheels for
any  reason,   make   sure   the  new
wheels are equivalent  to the original
factory  units  in diameter,  rim  width
and offset.
Tires degrade over  time, even
when they are not being used.
Regardless  of  the  remaining
tread, HYUNDAI  recommends
that tires be replaced after six
years of normal service.
Heat caused by hot climates or
frequent  high  loading   condi-
tions can accelerate  the aging
process. Failure  to follow  this
warning  may   cause  sudden
tire failure, which could lead to
a loss of vehicle control result-
ing in an accident.
Tire traction
Tire  traction can  be  reduced if  you
drive  on  worn   tires,  tires  that  are
improperly   inflated  or   on  slippery
road   surfaces.    Tires   should    be
replaced when tread wear  indicators
appear. To  reduce  the possibility  of
losing control,  slow  down whenever
there is rain, snow or ice on the road.
The   original    tire   should   be
repaired or replaced as soon as
possible to  avoid  failure of  the
spare  and loss  of vehicle  con-
trol resulting in an accident.The
compact spare  tire is for  emer-
gency use  only. Do not operate
your  vehicle  over  50  mph  (80
km/h) when  using the  compact
spare tire.
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