2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Do   not    put   an    electronic
device  (ex. Laptop  computer,
after market, navigation, satel-
lite     audio,      video      game
machine,   MP3,  AC   inverter,
etc.)  in   the  front  passenger
seatback   pocket   or  on   the
front passenger seat.
Do not  place a sitting  mat on
the front passenger seat.
Do not place  any items under
the front passenger seat.
Do not place sharp objects on
the   front    passenger    seat.
These may  damage the occu-
pant detection system,  if they
puncture the seat cushion.
Avoid  spilling  liquids  on  the
front seat; this may  cause the
OCS   not  to   work   properly.
Keep the  front seat  dry  at all
Never allow  an adult  passenger
to  ride  in  the  front  passenger
seat when the "PASSENGER AIR
BAG OFF" indicator is  illuminat-
ed. During a collision, the air bag
will not inflate  if the indicator  is
illuminated.  Have  your passen-
ger  reposition   himself   in  the
seat.  If  the   "PASSENGER  AIR
BAG OFF" indicator remains illu-
minated   after   the   passenger
repositions himself properly and
the vehicle is restarted, have the
passenger move to the rear seat
because  the   air  bag   will  not
Proper seated position for OCS
indicator is on when an adult is seat-
ed in the front passenger seat, place
the ignition switch  in the LOCK/OFF
position and ask the passenger to sit
properly (sitting upright with the  seat
back in an upright  position, centered
on  the seat  cushion  with their  seat
belt  on,  legs  comfortably  extended
and  their feet  on the  floor).  Restart
the  engine   and   have  the   person
remain in that position.This will allow
the system to  detect the person and
to  enable the  passenger  air bag.  If
indicator is  still on,  ask the  passen-
ger to move to the rear seat.
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