2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Tilt Steering /Telescope Steering
Heated Steering Wheel
(if equipped)
Adjust the steering wheel so it points
toward  your chest,  not  toward  your
face.  Make  sure  you  can   see  the
instrument panel  warning lights  and
gauges.  After   adjusting,  push   the
steering wheel  both up and down  to
be  certain  it  is   locked  in  position.
Always  adjust   the  position   of  the
steering wheel before driving.
To change  the steering wheel  angle
and height:
adjust    the    steering
wheel  while  driving.  This  may
cause  loss   of  vehicle  control
resulting in an accident.
1. Pull down the lock-release lever (1).
When the engine  Start/Stop button is
in the  ON/OFF position  or  when the
engine  is running,  press  the  heated
Pull  up  the  lock-release  lever  to     steering  wheel  button  to  warm  the
steering  wheel. The  indicator on  the
button will illuminate.
Adjust  the  steering  wheel to  the
desired angle (2) and height (3).
lock the steering wheel in place.
i   Information
After adjustment, sometimes the lock
release lever may not lock the steering
wheel.  It  is  not  a  malfunction.  This
occurs    when   two    gears    are   not
engaged correctly. In this case, adjust
the steering wheel again and then lock
the steering wheel.
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