2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Special features of hybrid
If any of following occur, it's a normal
condition if  you hear a  motor sound
in the engine compartment:
The hybrid system  contains many
electronic components.  High volt-
age  components, such  as  cables
and other parts,  may emit electro-
magnetic  waves.  Even  when  the
electromagnetic cover blocks elec-
tromagnetic   emissions,   electro-
magnetic   waves   may   have   an
effect  on   electronic   appliances.
When your vehicle is not for a long
period of  time, the  hybrid system
will  discharge. You  need to  drive
the vehicle several times a  month.
We recommend driving at least for
Hybrid vehicles  sound different than
gasoline engine  vehicles. When  the
hybrid  system   operates,  you   may
After turning off the hybrid  system,
the brake pedal is released.
hear a sound from the hybrid battery      - When  the hybrid  system is turned
off, the brake pedal is applied.
system behind  the  rear seat.  If you
apply  the accelerator  pedal  rapidly,
you  may   hear   an  unconventional
sound.  When  you  apply  the  brake
pedal,  you may  hear  a sound  from
the    regenerative    brake   system.
When the hybrid system is turned off
or on,  you may hear  a sound  in the
engine compartment. If  you depress
the brake pedal repeatedly when the
hybrid system is turned  on, you may
hear a sound in the engine compart-
ment. None of these sounds indicate
a problem.These are normal charac-
teristics of hybrid vehicles.
When the driver door is opened.
When  the  hybrid  system  is  turned
ON, the engine  may run or may not.
In this situation, you may feel a vibra-
tion. This  does  not  indicate  a  mal-
function.  When  the  “
”  indicator
illuminates, the hybrid system is ready
to start. Even if the  engine is off, you
can operate the vehicle as long as the
hour   or  10   miles.  When   the
hybrid  battery   is  discharged,  or
when it is impossible to jump start
the vehicle, contact your HYUNDAI
” indicator is illuminated.
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