2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Two labels  on your  driver’s door  sill     Cargo Weight
GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight)
show how much  weight your vehicle
This figure includes all weight added      This is  the  Base  Curb Weight  plus
to  the Base  Curb Weight,  including     actual  Cargo  Weight   plus  passen-
was designed  to carry:  the Tire and
Loading  Information  Label  and  the
Certification Label.
cargo and optional equipment.
Before loading your vehicle,  familiar-
ize yourself  with the  following terms
for determining your  vehicle’s weight
ratings, from  the vehicle’s  specifica-
tions and the Certification Label:
GAW (Gross Axle Weight)
This  is  the  total  weight  placed  on
each axle (front and rear) -  including     This   is   the   maximum    allowable
vehicle curb weight and all payload.
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight
weight  of   the  fully  loaded   vehicle
(including   all   options,  equipment,
passengers and  cargo). The GVWR
is  shown on  the  Certification  Label
located on the driver’s door sill.
GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating)
Base Curb Weight
This   is   the   maximum    allowable
weight that can be carried by a single
axle  (front or  rear). These  numbers
are shown on the Certification Label.
The  total  load  on  each  axle  must
never exceed its GAWR.
This  is   the  weight   of  the   vehicle
including  a full  tank  of  fuel  and all
standard   equipment.   It   does   not
include passengers, cargo, or option-
al equipment.
Vehicle Curb Weight
This is the weight of your new vehicle
when you picked it up from your deal-
er plus any aftermarket equipment.
Product Specification
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