2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

If an accident occurs
When  the  vehicle  is  severely
damaged,  remain  a  safe  dis-
tance of  50  feet (15  meter) or
more between your vehicle and
other vehicles/flammables.
When  a   submersion  in   water
For your  safety, do  not touch
high  voltage  cables,  connec-
tors  and   package   modules.
High voltage  components are
orange in color.
When your vehicle  is flooded in
water,   a  high-voltage   battery
may cause shock  or fires. Thus,
turn the hybrid system OFF, take
the key  in your possession  and
escape  to  a  safe  place.  Never
attempt  physical   contact  with
your flooded vehicle.
Immediately  contact an  author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer and advise
them  that   a  hybrid  vehicle   is
Exposed cables  or wires may
be visible inside or  outside of
the  vehicle.  Never  touch  the
wires  or  cables,  because  an
electrical shock, an injury, or a
death may occur.
If a fire occurs :
Upon   witnessing  any   sparks,
gases, flames, or fuel  leakage of
your vehicle, immediately call 911
or contact an authorized HYNDAI
dealer. Also,  advise them  that  a
hybrid vehicle is involved.
Any gas or electrolyte leakage
from  your vehicle  is not  only
poisonous  but   also  flamma-
ble.  Upon  witnessing  one  of
those, open the windows,  and
remain  a  safe   distance  from
the vehicle out of the road.
Immediately contact  an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer and advise
them  that  a  hybrid  vehicle  is
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