2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Warning message
FCWS malfunction message
Warning message
Master warning light
The Forward CollisionWarning
System is a supplemental sys-
tem   to   assist   you  and   its
effects may differ according to
road  and   driving  conditions.
Do not  solely rely on  the sys-
tem  and always  pay attention
to  prevent   dangerous  situa-
tions from occurring.
FCWS is a warning system and
does   not  apply   the   brakes
automatically  in a  near  crash
situation. FCWS  may not  pro-
vide  a  warning   with  enough
time  to   help  avoid   a  crash.
FCWS does  not detect pedes-
trians,   animals,  signs,   con-
struction or other objects. It is
the responsibility of the  driver
to pay attention to the roadway
to prevent collisions.
A  warning message  and  chime will
be provided  when rapidly approach-
ing   a  slower   moving,   braking   or
stopped vehicle ahead.
Immediately  reduce  your  speed  to
prevent a collision.
When   the  FCWS   is  not   working
properly,  the   FCWS  warning   light
) will illuminate  and the warning
message will come on for a  few sec-
onds. After the message disappears,
the  master warning  light  will  illumi-
i   Information
The  maximum  warning  speed  for  a
stopped vehicle is 53 mph (85 km/h).
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