2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Emergency braking
If there  is a  problem with  the brake
pedal while driving, emergency brak-
ing  is   possible  by  pulling  up   and
holding  the  EPB switch.  Braking  is
possible  only while  you are  holding
the EPB switch.
If  the EPB  warning light  is  still
on, we recommend that the  sys-
tem  be  checked  by  an  author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
If there is a noise or burning smell
after using  the emergency  brake,
have your  vehicle  checked by  an
authorized   HYUNDAI   dealer   as
soon as possible.
If   the  parking   brake   warning
light  (
,  red  color)  does  not
illuminate or blinks even though
the  EPB switch  was  pulled  up,
the EPB may not be applied.
When the EPB (Electronic Parking
Brake) does not release
If the EPB  does not release normal-
ly,  contact an  authorized  HYUNDAI
dealer  by  loading the  vehicle  on  a
flatbed tow  truck  and have  the sys-
tem checked.
Do   not   operate   the   parking
brake while  the vehicle is  mov-
ing except in  an emergency sit-
uation.   It   could   damage   the
brake   system  and   lead   to  a
severe accident.
If   the  parking   brake   warning
light (
, red color) blinks when
the  EPB   warning   light  is   on,
press the switch, and then pull it
up. Repeat this one more time. If
the  EPB  warning  does  not  go
off, have the system checked by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
i   Information
During emergency braking the park-
ing  brake   warning   light  (
,  red
color)  will  illuminate  to  indicate  the
system is operating.
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