2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Steering-Wheel Mounted Controls
When pressed shortly
Starts voice recognition
When  selecting  during  a  voice prompt,  stops  the
prompt and converts to voice command waiting state
When pressed and held (over 0.8 seconds)
- Ends voice recognition
• Each time this key is pressed, the mode is changed in
order of FM1 FM2 AM XM1 XM2 XM3
CD USB or iPod AUX My Music BT
If the media is not connected or a disc is  not insert-
ed, corresponding modes will be disabled.
Used to control volume.
When pressed shortly (under 0.8  seconds)
Radio mode : searches broadcast frequencies and
channels saved to presets.
The actual feature in the vehicle may differ from the illus-
Media(CD /  USB /  iPod® /  My Music  / BT  Audio)
modes : changes the track, file or chapter.
When pressed and held (over 0.8 seconds)
Radio mode, automatically searches broadcast fre-
quencies and channels
Media(CD  /  USB   /  iPod®  /  My  Music)   modes,
rewinds or fast forwards the track or  song(file)
BT  Audio mode  may  not  be  supported  in some
mobile phones.
Product Specification
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