2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Tire care
For proper  maintenance, safety,  and
maximum  fuel  economy,   you  must
always  maintain  recommended  tire
inflation pressures and stay within the
load limits and weight distribution rec-
ommended for your vehicle.
Replace  tires   that  are  worn,
show uneven wear, or are dam-
aged.  Worn  tires   can  cause
loss  of braking  effectiveness,
steering) control, or traction.
Tire  failure  may cause  loss  of
vehicle  control  resulting  in  an
accident.   To   reduce    risk   of
take the following precautions:
Inspect your tires  monthly for
proper   inflation   as  well   as
wear and damage.
The  recommended   cold  tire
pressure for  your  vehicle can
be found in this manual and on
the tire label located on the dri-
ver’s side center pillar. Always
use  a  tire pressure  gauge  to
measure  tire   pressure.  Tires
with  too   much  or   too  little
pressure wear  unevenly caus-
ing poor handling.
ALWAYS replace tires with the
same  size  as   each  tire  that
was  originally  supplied   with
this  vehicle.  Using  tires  and
wheels other  than the recom-
mended   sizes   could   cause
unusual handling characteris-
tics,  poor  vehicle  control, or
negatively   affect  your   vehi-
cle’s Anti-Lock  Brake System
(ABS)  resulting  in  a  serious
Check   the  pressure   of   the
spare  every  time  you   check
the pressure of the other tires
on your vehicle.
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