2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

To avoid damage to your vehicle
and  vehicle components  when
Always   pull   straight   ahead
when using the towing hooks.
Do not pull from the side or at
a vertical angle.
Do not  use the  towing hooks
to  pull a  vehicle  out of  mud,
sand or other conditions from
which  the  vehicle  cannot  be
driven   out    under   its   own
Use  a towing  cable  or chain  less
than  16 feet  (5 m)  long. Attach  a
white or red cloth (about 12 inches
cm) wide)  in the middle of  the
Limit the  vehicle speed  to 10
mph (15  km/h) and  drive less
than 1 mile (1.5 km) when tow-
ing  to avoid  serious  damage
to the automatic transaxle.
cable or chain for easy visibility.
Drive carefully so the  towing cable
or chain  remains tight  during tow-
Before towing, check  the automat-
ic  transaxle  for  fluid  leaks  under
your   vehicle.   If    the   automatic
transaxle  fluid  is  leaking,  flatbed
equipment or  a  towing dolly  must
be used.
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