2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

The electric motor for the cooling fan     Engine coolant
is controlled  by engine coolant  tem-
i   Information
The  engine   coolant  and/or   inverter     perature,  refrigerant   pressure  and
coolant   level   is   influenced   by   the     vehicle speed. As the engine coolant
hybrid   system  temperature.   Before     temperature  decreases,  the electric
checking    or    refilling    the    engine     motor will automatically shut off. This
coolant  and/or inverter  coolant,  turn     is a normal condition. If  your vehicle
the hybrid vehicle off.
is  equipped  with  GDI,   the  electric
motor for  the cooling  fan may begin
to operate  at any time  and continue
to  operate until  you  disconnect  the
negative battery cable.
The electric motor for
the  cooling  fan   may
continue   to   operate
Check the condition and connections
of  all   cooling   system   hoses  and
heater  hoses. Replace  any  swollen
or deteriorated hoses.
The  coolant  level   should  be  filled
between the  F  and the  L marks  on
the  side   of   the  coolant   reservoir
when the engine is cool.
or  start up  when  the
engine is not  running
and  can  cause  serious  injury.
Keep hands, clothing  and tools
away   from   the    rotating   fan
blades of the cooling fan.
If the coolant level is low, add enough
distilled  (deionized)  water   to  bring
the  level to  the F  mark,  but do  not
overfill.   If   frequent   additions   are
HYUNDAI  dealer for  a  cooling sys-
tem inspection.
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