2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Non-operational conditions of
Parking Assist System
The Rear Parking Assist System
may not operate normally when:
Detecting range may decrease when:
Outside      air     temperature
extremely hot or cold.
Sensor may not recognize objects
less than  12 inches  (30 cm)  from
the  sensor,  or  it   may  sense  an
incorrect distance.
Undetectable objects  smaller than
40 inches (1 m) and narrower than
Moisture is frozen to the sensor.
inches (14 cm) in diameter.
Sensor is covered with foreign mat-
ter, such  as snow or  water, or  the
sensor cover is blocked.
The following objects may not be
recognized by the sensor:
Do not push, scratch  or strike the
sensor with any  hard objects that
could  damage the  surface  of the
sensor.   Sensor   damage    could
There is a possibility of the Rear
Parking Assist System malfunction
Sharp   or  slim   objects   such  as
ropes, chains or small poles.
Objects, which tend to absorb sen-
sor   frequency  such   as   clothes,
spongy material or snow.
Driving  on  uneven  road  surfaces
such  as   unpaved  roads,   gravel,
bumps, or gradient.
Objects generating excessive noise
such as vehicle  horns, loud motor-
cycle  engines, or  truck  air brakes
can interfere with the sensor.
Heavy rain or water spray is present.
Wireless   transmitters   or   mobile
phones are present near the sensor.
Your new vehicle warranty does
not cover any accidents or dam-
age to the  vehicle or injuries to
its occupants  related to  a Rear
Parking Assist  System. Always
drive safely and cautiously.
The sensor is covered with snow.
Any   non-factory    equipment    or
accessories have been installed, or
if the vehicle bumper height or sen-
sor installation has been modified.
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