2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

What to do in an emergency
It is  possible  that some  tires, espe-     Notes on the safe use of  the
cially with  larger  punctures or  dam-    Tire  Mobility Kit
age to the sidewall, cannot be sealed
•  Do not use the Tire Mobility Kit if a
tire is severely damaged by driving
run flat or with insufficient air  pres-
Tire Mobility Kit away  from moving     •  Do not remove any foreign  objects
such as  nails or  screws that  have
penetrated the tire.
Park  your  car  at  the  side  of the
road so that you can  work with the
Air  pressure   loss  in  the   tire  may
adversely affect tire performance.
For  this  reason,  you   should  avoid     •  To  be  sure  your  vehicle  will  not
abrupt   steering    or   other   driving
maneuvers, especially  if the  vehicle
is heavily  loaded  or if  a trailer  is  in
The Tire Mobility  Kit is not designed
or  intended   as   a  permanent   tire
repair method  and is to  be used  for
one tire only.
move,  even when  you’re  on fairly      • Provided the car  is outdoors, leave
level ground, always set your park-
the   engine   running.    Otherwise
ing brake.
operating   the   compressor    may
eventually drain the car battery.
Only  use the  Tire  Mobility  Kit for
sealing/inflation     passenger    car     •  Never  leave  the  Tire  Mobility  Kit
tires. Only punctured areas located
within  the tread  region  of the  tire
can be sealed using the tire  mobil-
ity kit.
step  how   to  temporarily   seal   the     •  Do not  use on  motorcycles,  bicy-
cles or any other type of tires.
unattended while it is being used.
Do not  leave the  compressor run-
ning for more than 10 minutes  at a
time or it may overheat.
Do not  use  the Tire Mobility  Kit  if
the ambient  temperature  is below
-22°F (-30°C).
This  instruction shows  you  step  by
puncture simply and reliably.
Read the section "Notes  on the safe     •  When the tire  and wheel are dam-
use of the Tire Mobility Kit".
aged, do  not  use Tire Mobility  Kit
for your safety.
Use of the Tire Mobility Kit may not
be effective  for tire damage  larger
than  approximately   0.24  inch  (6
HYUNDAI   dealership  if   the   tire
cannot  be  made roadworthy  with
the Tire Mobility Kit.
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