2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Owners Manual

Care of Seat Belts
When to replace seat belts
The  entire   seat  belt   assembly  or
assemblies should be replaced if the
vehicle has been involved in an acci-
dent. This should be done even if  no
damage  is  visible. Additional  ques-
tions concerning  seat belt  operation
should be  directed to  an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
Seat  belt systems  should  never  be
disassembled  or  modified.  In  addi-
tion, care should  be taken to assure
that seat belts and belt hardware are
not damaged  by seat  hinges, doors
or other abuse.
Periodic inspection
All  seat  belts  should  be  inspected
periodically  for  wear  or damage  of
any kind. Any damaged parts should
be replaced  as soon  as possible by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Keep belts clean and dry
Seat belts should  be kept clean and
dry. If belts become dirty, they can be
cleaned by  using  a mild  soap solu-
tion  and  warm  water.  Bleach,  dye,
should  not  be  used   because  they
may damage and weaken the fabric.
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