2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Adjust settings associated with installed apps (applications). Settings associated with apps
that are either unavailable on your Model X, or have no settings that you can adjust at this
time, are grayed out.
Manage driverprofiles  (see DriverProfiles  on page 36).
Units & Format
Adjust how Model X displays:
Language: Set the language used when Model X displays alerts,notification   messages,
and navigation instructions (if equipped).
NOTE: Model X must be in Park to change the language. When you change the language,
you experience a brief delay as Model X shuts down and restarts the touchscreen.
Distance: Miles or km can be shown on the range display, speedometer, energy chart, trip
meters, Google map searches and navigation routes.
Time Format: 12 or 24 hour.
Temperature: oC or  oF.
Energy & Charging: Display remaining energy and charging units as either a percentage of
battery energy remaining, or as an estimate of the distance that you can drive. When you
choose Distance, you can display mileage based on either:
Rated - based on ECE R101 testing.
Typical - based on US EPA testing.
Note: When anticipating when you need to charge, use range estimates as a general
guideline only.
Drive-away Door Lock: If on, all doors automatically lock whenever you drive Model X over
km/h (see Drive-away Locking on page 9).
Walk-away Door Lock: If on, all doors automatically lock when you walk away from
Model X, carrying the key with you (see Walk-away Locking on page 9).
Child-Protection Lock: If on, safety locks prevent the rear doors and the liftgate from
being opened from inside Model X.
Auto-Present Front Door: If on, the front driver's door partially opens whenever you
approach Model X carrying a key, whether locked or unlocked (see Doors on page 4).
Note that to preserve battery life, Model X is designed to temporarily disable the Auto-
Present Front Door feature when the key has been out of range for more than 48 hours, or
if the key remains within range forfive  minutes after all doors have been closed.
Headlights After Exit: If on, headlights stay on for two minutes after you exit, or until you
lock Model X (see Headlights After Exit on page 51).
Mirror Auto-Tilt: If on, exterior mirrors tilt downward when reversing (see Mirrors on page
Mirror Auto-Fold: If on, exterior mirrors fold when you lock Model X with the key or walk-
away locking. They extend automatically when you return to Model X You can also fold
mirrors manually by touching the center mirror control button (see Mirrors on page 40).
Ionizer: If on, the air ionizer freshens the air in the cabin.
Smart Preconditioning: If on, Model X predicts your driving schedule and automatically
adjusts the temperature of the cabin based on your last set temperature and your driving
schedule, making Model X comfortable and ready to drive. It may take some time for
Model X to learn your driving habits and if you do not have a regular driving schedule, it
will be unable to identify a pattern.
Note: To conserve energy in situations where Model X has a low charge level, smart
preconditioning may not occur.
Note: Smart Preconditioning is available only if you save your home and work locations
(see Favorite Destinations on page 118).
Model X Owner's Manual
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

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