2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Towing a Trailer
touchscreen (Controls > Driving > E-Brake &
PowerOff  > Parking Brake).
Periodically check the trailer’s lights and
turn signals toconfirm  that bulbs are still
working. When towing a trailer, the turn
signal arrows on the Model X instrument
clusterflash  as normal, even if the bulbs
on the trailer are burned out.
Periodically check that cargo remains
Periodically check that the trailer brakes
are still working.
Warning: Do not rely on Model X to
detect the trailer and automatically
engage Trailer Mode. Always check that
Trailer Mode is engaged before towing a
Warning: Under no circumstances should
you exit Trailer Mode when towing a
trailer. Doing so can cause serious injury
and/or death.
Avoid parking on a grade (see below).
Regularly check that all towing
Warning: Do not use the air suspension
setting to appropriately match the height
of the hitch with the height of the trailer.
You must choose a trailer hitch and trailer
that have the appropriate height for
components are securely tightened.
Parking with a Trailer
Whenever possible, avoid parking on a grade.
However, if parking on a grade is absolutely
necessary, place wheel chocks under the
trailer’s wheels:
suitable axle loading and trailer balance.
Warning: Do not use Trailer Mode when
attaching a bicycle carrier to the trailer
hitch (see Using a Bicycle Carrier on page
Press and hold the brake pedal.
Have a second person place the wheel
chocks under the wheels on the
downgrade side of the tires.
While Towing a Trailer
When the chocks are in place, release the
brake pedal, making sure the chocks are
holding the weight of the vehicle and
Make sure Model X is in Park (which
engages the parking brake).
Model X is designed primarily as a passenger-
carrying vehicle. Towing a trailer puts
additional load on the motor, drive train,
brakes, tires and suspension andsignificantly
decreases range. If you decide to tow a trailer,
proceed with caution and follow these general
Note: When the chocks are in place and you
release the brake pedal, ensure that Vehicle
Hold (see Vehicle Hold on page 59) is not
braking Model X, preventing you from
checking that the chocks are holding the
weight of Model X and the trailer. If Vehicle
Hold is braking Model X, the Vehicle Hold
indicator light displays on the instrument
panel. To disengage Vehicle Hold, press and
release the brake pedal.
Reduce your driving speed and avoid
sudden maneuvers. Keep in mind that
when towing a trailer, steering, stability,
turning radius, stopping distance and
braking performance aredifferent   when
compared to driving without a trailer.
Increase your following distance by
maintaining twice the distance from a
vehicle ahead. This helps to avoid
situations that require heavy braking.
Sudden braking may result in skidding or
jack-knifing, and loss of control.
Avoid very sharp turns. Sharp turns can
cause the trailer to contact Model X and
cause damage. Keep in mind that the
trailer wheels will be closer to the inside of
the turn that the vehicle’s wheels.
Therefore, make wider turns to prevent
the trailer from hitting curbs, road signs,
trees or other objects.
Warning: If parking on a grade is
necessary, always ensure that all trailer
wheels have been securely chocked.
Failure to do so cause result in serious
damage, injury, or death.
Trailer Sway Mitigation
When trailer sway is detected, Model X’s
electronic stability control system attempts to
apply the appropriate amount of braking to
minimize trailer sway. The instrument panel
briefly displays the traction control system
indicator. Pressing the brake pedal when the
system is actively braking to mitigate trailer
sway does not cancel this automatic braking.
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