2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Seat Belts
Wearing Seat Belts
Draw the belt out smoothly, ensuring the
belt laysflat  across the pelvis, chest and
mid-point of your collar bone, between
the neck and shoulder.
Insert the latch plate into the buckle and
press together until you hear a click
indicating it is locked in place.
Pull the belt to check that it is securely
Pull the diagonal part of the belt toward
the reel to remove excess slack.
Using seat belts and child safety seats is the
mosteffective  way to protect occupants if a
collision occurs. Therefore, wearing a seat belt
is required by law in most jurisdictions.
Both the driver and passenger seats are
equipped with three-point inertia reel seat
belts. Inertia reel belts are automatically
tensioned to allow occupants to move
comfortably during normal driving conditions.
To securely hold child safety seats, all
passenger seating positions are equipped with
an automatic locking retractor (ALR) that, by
pulling the seat belt beyond the length
needed for a typical adult occupant, locks the
belt into place until the seat belt is unbuckled
(see Installing Seat Belt Retained Child Seats
on page 27).
To Release a Belt
Hold the belt near the buckle to prevent the
belt from retracting too quickly, then press the
button on the buckle. The belt retracts
automatically. Ensure there is no obstruction
that prevents the belt from fully retracting.
The belt should not hang loose. If a seat belt
does not fully retract, contact Tesla.
The seat belt reel automatically locks to
prevent movement of occupants if Model X
experiences a force associated with hard
acceleration, braking, cornering, or an impact
in a collision.
Wearing Seat Belts When Pregnant
Do not put the lap or shoulder sections of the
seat belt over the abdominal area. Wear the
lap section of the belt as low as possible
across the hips, not the waist. Position the
shoulder portion of the belt between the
breasts and to the side of the abdomen.
Consult your doctor forspecific   guidance.
The seat belt reminder on the
instrument panel alerts you if a seat
belt for an occupied seat is not
fastened. If the belt remains
unfastened, the reminderflashes   and
an intermittent chime sounds. If all
occupants are buckled up and the
reminder stays on, re-fasten seat
belts to ensure they are correctly
latched. Also remove any heavy
objects (such as a briefcase) from an
unoccupied seat. If the reminder
light continues to stay on, contact
To Fasten a Belt
Ensure correct positioning of the seat.
Warning: Never place anything between
you and the seat belt to cushion the
impact in the event of an accident.
Seating and Safety Restraints
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