2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
passing. In situations where GPS data is
unavailable (for example, inadequate signal),
the turn signal does not activate Overtake
Canceling and Resuming
To manually cancelTraffic-Aware   Cruise
Control,briefly  push the cruise control lever
away from you or press the brake pedal. The
speedometer icon on the instrument panel
turns gray to indicate that cruise control is not
actively controlling your speed.
Acceleration cancels when:
You reach your set cruising speed.
Changing lanes takes too long.
Model X gets too close to the vehicle
You disengage the turn signal.
Note: Your chosen setting is retained until you
manually change it.
Note: Overtake Acceleration occurs when you
either fully engage the turn signal, or you hold
the turn signal in the momentary position
(partially engaged). When you release or
disengage the turn signal, Model X stops
accelerating (in the same way as when you
release the accelerator pedal) and resumes
the set speed.
To resume cruising at the previously set speed,
briefly pull the cruise control lever toward you.
Warning: Overtake Acceleration can
cancel for many unforeseen reasons in
addition to those listed above (for
example, lack of GPS data). Stay alert and
never depend on Overtake Acceleration
to increase your driving speed.
Note: Depending on date of manufacture,
some Model X vehicles have a button on the
end of the cruise control lever. Pressing this
button when cruise control is active cancels
cruise control.
Warning: Overtake Acceleration increases
your driving speed whenever the
appropriate turn signal is engaged, and
accelerates Model S closer to the vehicle
ahead. AlthoughTraffic-Aware   Cruise
Control continues to maintain distance
from the vehicle ahead, it is important to
be aware that your selected following
distance is reduced when Overtake
Acceleration is active, particularly in cases
where it may not be your intention to
overtake the vehicle you are following.
Note: WhenTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control
cancels, Model X does not coast. Instead,
regenerative braking slows down Model X in
the same way as when you move your footoff
the accelerator when driving without cruise
control (see Regenerative Braking on page
Warning:Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control
cancels, or may not be available, in the
following situations:
You press the brake pedal.
Your driving speed drops below
km/h in situations when Model X
does not detect a vehicle ahead
within thespecified   distance.
Your driving speed exceeds the
maximum cruising speed of 150 km/h.
You shift Model X out of Drive.
The driver's seat belt is unbuckled.
A door is opened.
The view from the radar sensor or
camera is obstructed. This could be
caused by dirt, mud, ice, snow, fog,
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